PADI Tec CCR Instructors on JJ-CCR rebreather

Tec Rec Diver - Beach - Scuba Diving - Tropical
Image © Jong Moon Lee

PADI Asia Pacific recently conducted a crossover program for instructors on the popular JJ-CCR rebreather unit. The JJ-CCR rebreather has been called ‘the 4 x 4 of the rebreather community’ as it is built for all types of diving and can be adapted to handle the most demanding adventures.

Traditionally, technical rebreather courses have been unit-specific with different courses for each unit. PADI Tec CCR courses are both generic and unit specific. In addition to information that covers all CCRs, students and instructors use manufacturer literature and materials, in addition to PADI materials, to cover information specific to the relevant unit. This provides the best of both worlds and gives PADI Tec CCR Divers a wide knowledge of different equipment and techniques.

The manufacture approved crossover program was conducted by Georgia Hausserman, PADI Tec Consultant and Thomas Knedlik, PADI Territory Director. Attending were some of the finest rebreather instructors from around the Asia Pacific region:

Name Country Rating Email contact
Ben Reymenants Thailand Tec 100 CCR
‘Sam’ Ong Beng Hui Malaysia Tec 100 CCR
Su Eun Kim South Korea Tec 60 CCR
Kyung Soo Kim South Korea Tec 40 CCR
Callum S. Girvan Australia Tec 40 CCR
Jong Moon Lee Philippines Tec 40 CCR
Jeffrey Glenn Australia Tec 40 CCR

After the program one of the candidates, Jong Moon Lee, owner of the Ocean Player Dive Resort in the Philippines, stated: The PADI CCR courses have solid training materials and robust course standards that meet the requirements of the Rebreather Training Council (RTC). It is great that we now have the popular PADI Tec CCR courses available on an outstanding rebreather unit – the JJ-CCR.”

Please join us in welcoming the above individuals as PADI Tec CCR Instructors, please make sure you look them up for your next PADI Tec CCR training course.

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