TecRec Instructor Toolbox

Please find some useful resources for PADI TecRec Instructors.


Rebreather Diving and Supervision Requirements FAQs

Find a Rebreather or Tec CCR Instructor Trainer:

Rebreather and Tec CCR Instructor Trainers 0815

Unit Register:

PADI Rebreather Unit Register

Type R Rebreather Specifications v2.3

Type T Rebreather Specifications v1.4

Qualifying Certifications

TecRec Open Circuit Qualifying Certifications (2013)

Rebreather and CCR Qualifying Certifications (2013)

Upgrading Normoxic Trimix Diver to Tec Trimix MEMBERS

Open Circuit – Course Information

Trimix Depths

Integrating Tec Sidemount Diver into Tec 40/45/50 Diver Courses

Open Circuit – Tec Specialties

Trimix 45/50 Information for Instructors

Rebreather – Course Information

How to become a PADI Rebreather Instructor of Rebreather Instructor Trainer – English

Comment devenir un PADI Rebreather Instructor – French

Wie werde ich PADI Rebreather Instructor und Rebreather Instructor Trainer – German

Come divenire PADI Rebreather Instructor & Instructor Trainer – Italian

Como se hace PADI Rebreather Instructor & Instructor Trainer – Spanish

Rebreather – Information for non-rebreather divers

Rebreather Informer – Asia Pacific

Rebreather Informer – Europe/Middle East/Africa

Manufacturer Information

Poseidon MKVI Guidelines

Poseidon MKVI – Factory Training




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