Poseidon Se7en with M28 handset can now be used at Tec 100 CCR level


Poseidon have registered the Poseidon Se7en Tec Rebreather with the M28 handset for use on PADI’s Tec 100 CCR courses.

Poseidon Se7en
Photo copyright: Poseidon Diving Systems

With lots of additional features and the facility for even more the M28 is a great addition to the Poseidon Se7en and, of course, can be used at preceding levels of recreational and technical training and diving.

Keep your eyes peeled for the updated Unit Register shortly but here is a quick summary of the unit set required at this level:

  • Poseidon Se7en CCR
  • Tec Battery 100m
  • Tec Lungs
  • M28 Handset

If you are already a PADI Tec 60 CCR diver on the Poseidon Tec and interested in extending your range further or becoming an instructor at this level please contact rebreather@padi.com


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