Poseidon at TekDiveUSA

If you’re visiting TekDiveUSA this week, not only will you be able to see lots of PADI Tec peeps, but you will be able to see the Poseidon M28.

M28 on diver arm

The M28 is the new handset for the Poseidon rebreather and, as you can see from the pics below looks gorgeous. Poseidon told us,

“pre-orders for the M28 are being honored and can be made  here https://usa.poseidon.com/products/poseidon-m28-computer-pre-order or if outside of the US, interest can be submitted here http://rebreather.poseidon.com/m28-order-requests/

Of course, as well as looking amazing it also has some fab features, for more information check out M28 Handset


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