FAQS – How can rebreathers be used during PADI courses?

Following a question from a member today, I thought I would share the answer. We have had similar questions in the past, so hopefully this will help other members as well.

PADI Rebreather TecRec

For PADI Pros:

PADI Instructors and certified assistants may equip themselves with rebreathers when conducting PADI course training dives where indirect supervision is permitted. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Carry out a risk assessment prior to the dive to decide whether it is appropriate for you to use a rebreather. In particular, ensure that at least one other diver (e.g. your certified assistant) could assist you, and is familiar with the rebreather controls. Consider whether you may need to provide any course-related demonstrations for your class, and, if so, whether your gear configuration will interfere with student diver learning.
  2. Have certification specific to the rebreather you are using and dive you plan and have logged at least 50 hours with that unit.
  3. Use a rebreather that is registered for use on PADI courses. You can see a list of rebreathers registered for use on PADI courses by clicking here
  4. Maintain and operate the rebreather according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Carry a separate cylinder of open circuit gas that is safe to breathe at any depth encountered on the dive. The second stage should be fitted with a hose of a suitable length for sharing with another diver, accessible to them and within the normal “activity triangle”. The cylinder should have a capacity of at least 850 litres free gas/30 cf.
  6. Follow any local regulations that may apply to the use of rebreathers; particularly if you may be classified as a working diver. NOTE Units must meet CE to be used within areas that require this certification.


PADI Rebreather TecRec

For PADI Divers:


Rebreather Diving FAQs

  1. Which units may be used in PADI Rebreather courses?
  2. PADI maintain a register of rebreathers that manufacturers have specified meet the key features of a Type R (recreational) or Type T (technical) rebreather and have successfully undergone internationally recognized third-party testing against an appropriate standard such as EN14143. Only rebreathers that have been included in this central register can be used for PADI courses. The Unit Register is on the TecRec Blog (follow the link above) or on the Pros Site under Training Essentials, TecRec, Revisions and Teachng Tools, Register of Rebreather Units.
  3. Can rebreathers be used in PADI courses other than rebreather courses?
  4. Yes,

1) in most courses, as long as course performance requirements can be met when using the unit, and

2) if the rebreather is listed on the register (see above), and

3) if divers have appropriate rebreather credentials.

Rebreathers may not be used in PADI Discover Scuba Diving programs, PADI Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver or Instructor Development Courses ADDITIONAL Or courses with specific equipment requirements (it would not meet the performance requirements) e.g. Sidemount or Open Circuit TecRec courses.

You may also like to read/share the Rebreather Informer which is designed to familiarise non- rebreather divers with rebreather diving and buddying rebreather divers.

If you have any other questions about rebreathers please email rebreather@padi.com

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