TecRec Blog – All Time Top Ten

So what makes a popular post? Well, announcements about forthcoming new courses or materials definitely get the most hits, but what about other items? Our most popular posts get a steady stream of readers even years after they are first posted, here are our Top Ten stories and articles, in case you missed any of them first time around:

1. A Deceptively Easy Way to Die

2. Mystery Deep Wreck found in Malta

3. Blue Lake Project

4. Sidemount Rigs – A UK Perspective

5. Ahmed Gabr achieves new World Depth Record

6. I don’t want to be a Tec Diver, so what can Tec Diving do for me?

7. Tec Diving Teaching Tips – The BELL Check

8. Rebreathers, what are they and why would I want one?

9. TecRec Principles

10. Do you tell it like it is?

Which is your favourite?

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