A Deceptively Easy Way to Die – Update by Rosemary Lunn

At the end of 2013 I wrote a blog on the double Christmas Day Eagles Nest fatality entitled “A Deceptively Easy Way to Die“;

On Christmas morning a 35-year-old man took his 15-year-old son cave diving. They were trying out new scuba equipment. However the father was not a diving instructor, the son had no scuba training and neither of them had cave diving training.

The Sheriff’s Office has now released the findings following the investigation into these needless double deaths. The two men died after they ran out of air. It was also stated that the two men had dived to approximately 233 feet / 71 metres.

In the weeks following the accident, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission received one request to close Eagles Nest and many requests to keep it open.

If you want to go cave diving, there is plenty of opportunity to get decent training from a plethora of instructors. Just ask.

And if you are hungry to know more about cave diving, there will be 12 talks given on this subject at TEKDiveUSA.2014 in May; www.tekdiveusa.com

Eagle’s Nest is a beautiful dive for those who are properly prepared for it. The park where it is situated takes public safety very seriously. This photo of the warning board was taken in May 2012, when I was last there, and makes it clear that this dive should only be undertaken with the proper training, experience and equipment – Vikki Batten.
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