Type R Rebreather requirements update.

Prior to the launch of the Rebreather Courses in 2011, PADI consulted with manufacturers and training experts regarding the requirements for recreational rebreathers. At this time, pre-packed or pro-packed scrubber canisters were thought to be the most suitable type for Type R rebreather divers and this requirement was integral to the subsequent training courses.

Mark Caney using the Explorer eSCR

Since that time, some of the manufacturers have simplified the packing of scrubber canisters to ensure that this is a skill that can be easily accomplished by recreational rebreather divers.

PADI has updated the Type R requirements to reflect these changes. To see the full list of Type R requirements please visit the PADI Pros site/Training Essentials/TecRec/Revision and Teaching Tools/Type R Rebreather Feature List.

Vikki negative on boat

PADI will also introduce a new Scrubber Canister Packing Practical Application for the PADI Rebreather Diver course- more news coming soon

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