Poseidon Se7en is now registered for use on PADI Courses

The Poseidon Se7en has been registered as a Type R rebreather for use on PADI’s recreational rebreather courses. Although the technology is new, the Human Interface is the same as the MkVI so, from a training perspective, it will be interchangeable with the MkVI. This means that existing MkVI divers can use the Se7en and vice versa. It also means that MkVI instructors can teach divers to use the Se7en.0005-SE7EN-pack_shot-LOW

We can also add to the recent announcement that the MkVI T has been registered for use on Tec 40 CCR and Tec 60 CCR courses, that the Se7en will also qualify for these levels. There will be more information on qualifying to teach these levels shortly.

For details of how each unit up must be set up for Type R and Type please see the Unit Register https://tecrec.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/131205_padi_unitregister_padi-pros.pdf

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  1. This unit is a gem; the infrared has been replaced by Bluetooth, programmable from your smartphone, each component is plug and play and can be serviced individually, there’s secondary po2 monitoring options and the mouthpiece is always open or closed, no in-betweens….
    Poseidon has actually listened to the instructors and divers and made significant favourable alterations, rendering it the most advanced rebreather on the market today, thrown into a very sleek package that actually fits in my carry-on.

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