Hollis Explorer registered as a Type R rebreather

The soon to be launched Hollis Explorer has now been registered as a Type R rebreather for use on PADI recreational courses.

The Explorer is a hybrid rebreather. Whilst it is a semi-closed rebreather the sophisticated electronics use the single gas in a unique way to optimise the dive duration balancing no decompression time and gas supply.

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The rebreather is a truly recreational unit with very simple setup, pre-packed scrubber, electronically guided pre-dive checks and CO2 monitoring.

During the dive, the displays alert divers to any potential problem and guide them on when and how to end the dive. 

As with any rebreather, longer dives, less bubbles and warmer breathing enhance the diver’s experience underwater and it all comes in a small light weight package that will suit the travelling and local diver alike. 

So if you fancy discovering the Explorer for yourself look out for launch dates near you or follow the latest news on http://www.hollisgear.com/




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