Titan CCR – PADI Type T CCR

Fulfill all your CCR diving goals with the Titan eCCR, a complete, lightweight unit controlled by the Shearwater Predator and HUD.  The Titan has the flexibility to use either the ExtendAir CO2 solid state absorbent cartridges that are dust free and eliminates channeling or a packable canister option for Sofnolime 8-12 both allowing for exceptional work of breathing. 

Easy to use, maintain and comfortable to dive, the standard Titan comes complete with electronics, tanks, wing, harness, weight pouches, hose weights, checklists, soft cover and maintenance kit — Ready To Dive. The fully adjustable harness will fit most men and women of all sizes and shapes.  Our back-mounted counterlungs (2.5L each) have built-in dump valves to be able to remove any water from the loop mid-dive and keep a diver’s chest free of clutter. The primary battery is an external rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 100+ hours of operation. The Titan modular battery system (same charger as the Titan Dive Gear Hydrolights) powers the solenoid and charges/maintains backup batteries for the Predator and HUD.  The 3 individual oxygen sensors use voting logic for accurate reporting of PO2 levels and have gold plated SMB connectors for easy installation. The all-in-one manual gas addition block is located over the right shoulder for easy addition of on-board diluent/oxygen and off-board gases. The diluent button is raised for easy locating. Standard BC QD connections are used as parts of the Titan are modular and may be exchanged with standard SCUBA parts available around the world.  This engineering forethought regarding temporary repair solutions from a local dive shop showcase one proud feature of the Titan CCR.

The Manufacturer’s suggested depth rating for the standard Titan CCR is 330 feet or 100 meters. Manufacturer offers a maintenance class at the Titan Headquarters for divers to become more familiar with their unit. The Titan CCR is manufactured in California and has been proven and tested as one of the most comfortable CCRs on the market.

Titan CCRs have been used by world-class divers to perform a variety of tasks, including underwater whale photography, cave penetration exploration and expeditions, deep wreck diving excursions, and scientific collecting at depths exceeding 360 fsw (110 msw). If the Titan can perform for professionals like these, just think of what it could do for your diving!

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