Sidemount Diving Hits Vancouver, BC!

By Greg McCracken, Owner

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Jeff Loflin visited Ocean Quest Dive Centre (, a PADI Career Development Centre and Tec Rec Centre located in Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC to conduct a Sidemount Adventure Weekend.  Jeff did an amazing talk on the “Evolution of Sidemount” to a packed crowed of almost 50 divers, he conducted a “Discover Sidemount” pool dive for 25 divers and taught a Tec Sidemount Course to owner of Ocean Quest, PADI Course Director and Trimix Instructor Trainer Greg McCracken and 3 others, Ken Dunlop, TJ Johnson and Justin Rings who are all Trimix Divers and Instructors.  “Jeff’s attention to detail and quality was excellent.  He definitely lives up to his reputation as one of the top instructors in the world”.  Owners of Ocean Quest, Greg McCracken and Deirdre Forbes McCracken will now be offering sidemount equipment, training and rentals.

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