Rebreather and CCR experiences

Peter DenHaan, recently completed his training at PADI Americas to become along with Mike Fowler from PADI Canada, the first Instructor Trainer in PADI Americas for the new Rebreather Training programs for Ambient Pressure Vision. Peter also is a PADI Technical Open Circuit Instructor Trainer. DenHaan has been teaching Technical and Rebreather diving for divers and instructors full time for the last 17 years and is excited to be part of PADI’s new program. 

The following are classes that have been conducted by DenHaan over the last 4 months: 

March, 2012, Gary Moyer, owner of Scuba Magic, Tempe, AZ completed his PADI Tec 40 CCR Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Instructor workshop with Peter DenHaan at Casino Point, Catalina Island. Moyer holds the honor of being the first certified PADI Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Instructor in North America. Congratulations Gary! 

photo by Peter DenHaan

Successful completion of first the PADI Recreational, Advanced Recreational and Tec 40 CCR Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Instructor Crossover in Seattle, WA with 2 instructor candidates and one student. From left; IC Ken Rymal (Portland, OR), student Shannon Bray (Denver, CO), IC Jake Andreason (Eugene, OR) and IT Peter DenHaan (Bothell, WA)

photo by Peter DenHaan

Silent diving was at the PADI Xplor Day at PADI Regional Headquarters in California, Monday after the Scuba Show in Long Beach. This was a great venue for divers to try different rebreathers in the pool. Gary Moyer (upper right hand) of Scuba Magic, Tempe, AZ drove over to PADI HQ for Tec Xplorer Day to help Silent Diving with Pool discovery diving on the Evolution Rebreather. He was assisted by Margaret Malewski, owner of Liquivision, Canada. Thanks for your help Gary and Margaret!

Another successful PADI recreational & Tec 40 CCR Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Instructor Xover was completed at Conch Republic Divers, Tavenier, FL. From left, Gary Mace, owner of CRD, Cliff Diamond, owner of Empire Divers, NY, Matthew Hahn, St. Peters, MO and Peter DenHaan (IT) 

photo by Peter DenHaan

PADI hosted their first Tec 40 CCR Instructor Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Crossover at YMCA Aquatic Center, Orlando, FL before RF3. 
From left Mike Fowler (IT), Antonio Ortega, Chris Brown, Ian Martin, Eric Machum, Jorge Mahauad, Peter DenHaan (IT), Georgia Hausserman (PADI Technical/CCR consultant) 

photo by Mischa Hausserman

Confined water skills for PADI’s Tec 40 CCR Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Instructor Crossover
from left: Ian Martin, Eric Machum, Antonio Ortega, Peter DenHaan, Chris Brown and Jorge Mahauad

photo by Mischa Hausserman

Congratulations to Kelly Rockwood (PADI Technical Consultant) and James Warner from Baltimore who successfully completed their PADI Tec 40 Ambient Pressure Vision Rebreather Diver course at Casino Point, Catalina Island, CA.

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