Hollis Prism2 is added to the Rebreather Register

The exciting new Hollis Prism2 rebreather is the latest unit to be added to the Rebreather Register.
Hollis confirmed:

“Our Hollis PRISM2 rebreather meets the key features of a Type T CCR and has successfully undergone internationally recognized third-party testing against EN 14143. To fulfil the Type T specifications the Hollis PRISM2 should be fitted with a BOV where required by the PADI TecRec course requirements.”
Further details will be added to the PADI Pro Site in due course.
For information on completing your Tec 40 CCR course using a Prism2, or becoming an instructor using this unit, please contact rebreather@padi.co.uk

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  1. Such great news. The prism is a great ccr and have some very interesting features. Now its time to cross over and start teaching tec rec ccr courses :-). Very exciting!

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