First luxury liveaboard to offer recreational closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) training and diving

Worldwide Dive and Sail has forged a solid reputation as a leader in Asia’s liveaboard dive industry.  In early 2012 the company will take another giant leap forward as they become the first luxury liveaboard to offer recreational closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) training and diving across their entire fleet.  

In conjunction with PADI, the leader in world diver training, and Poseidon, developers of the world’s first recreational CCR system, Worldwide Dive and Sail will offer guests the chance to try, train and dive with the Poseidon Discovery MKVI rebreather.  

Proclaimed as a breakthrough in CCR technology, the Poseidon MKVI offers to draw the lure of rebreather diving out of the technical world and within easy reach of recreational divers; to experience the magic of bubble-free diving divers are now required only to hold valid Open Water and Nitrox Diver certifications.

For those who are simply curious about the idea of CCR diving, Try Dives will offer a chance to explore with no commitment.  For the more serious, Worldwide Dive and Sail will offer full PADI training and certification through the new PADI CCR Rebreather and PADI Advanced CCR Rebreather courses.  For guests who are already trained and certified on the Poseidon MKVI, rental units will be available for use throughout the cruise.

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  1. I´d like to have more information about the CCR MK VI trips. I actually have more than 250 hours of logged dives with the MK VI, and I have my own equipment.

    1. Hello Juan Carlos.

      Thanks very much for your reply and especially good to hear so quickly from an experienced MKVI user. As you may have guessed, we’re all very excited about being able to take our services just a big step ahead.

      At this point the Poseidon MK VI units are here and being distributed shortly among our vessels. We expect to be able to begin offering training and rentals to guests very early in the coming year. Although we expect a great deal of interest in the systems we don’t plan, at this time, to run ‘rebreather-specific’ trips — rather the units will be available on all our vessels and on all itineraries.

      Since you are already an MK VI certified diver you would be welcome to rent one of our units or, of course, you could also bring your own in which case we can arrange to provide the supplies as you require.

      The trips we offer range from the Maldives to Palau and as far south as Timor-Leste so if you would like to join us as a rebreather diver the first step would perhaps be to decide on the location and date of your trip. To do this, please feel free to contact our reservations department at

      The reservations department should normally be able to get back to you almost immediately and can provide extensive information on specific destinations and trip availability.

      Thanks again for your interest, Juan Carlos, and I hope we see you soon aboard the Siren Fleet.

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