PADI Americas TecRec Instructor Trainer crossover

On the 24th/25th October PADI completed an orientation program for Instructor Trainers in the PADI TecRec system. Eight very experienced instructor trainers from other agencies attended the event which was held Orlando, Florida. The course was staffed by Jeff Loflin, a prominent TecRec Instructor Trainer and the program participants were leading figures from the tec scene in Canada and the United States: John Conway, Dan Dawson, Jill Heinerth, Paul Heinerth, Andrew Katsamas, Bill Oestreich, Stephan Senecal and Jim Wyatt.

 Front row left to right:

  1. John Conway, #25049
  2. Jill Heinerth, #202088
  3. Stephan Senecal, #208673
  4. Andrew Katsamas, #162580

 Back row left to right:

  1. Dan Dawson, #167001
  2. Jim Wyatt, #4612
  3. Bill Oestreich, #38027
  4. Paul Heinerth, #8228

Front row Left to right:

  1. Jill Heinerth, #202088
  2. John Conway, #25049
  3. Paul Heinerth, #8228
  4. Jeff Loflin, PADI Staff

Back Row left to right:

  1. Bill Oestreich, #38027
  2. Andrew Katsamas, #162580
  3. Jim Wyatt, #4612
  4. Dan Dawson, #167001
  5. Stephan Senecal, #208673

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