Red Sea CCR

Mark Caney (left) and TecRec IT Dave Griffiths entering the Red Sea for a CCR evaluation dive this morning at the Lighthouse Point, Dahab.

4 Replies to “Red Sea CCR”

  1. funny that :-), i was in light house as well today teaching a tec deep course! did not see you guys but i guess witthout the bubbles it would be hard to see you stealth boys :-). going to canyons tomorrow and blue next day. might see you around! take care and have fun!!! kind regards jonas samuelsson
    tmx instructor trainer

    member of team fourth element and team blue immersion technical diving section

    partner schools: planet divers, bans diving, good time adventures, u-dive, orca divers

    1. Sorry we missed you, Jonas. I have left the area now, but enjoy the diving, there is some lovely underwater scenery around there and it certainly is perfect for teaching the TecRec range.


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