VR Technologies Visits PADI Americas

Kevin Gurr walks John Land, Kelly Rockwood (hidden) and Ted Moreta through the Sentinel predive check, with Karl Shreeves assisting.

CCR engineer and VR Technologies CEO Kevin Gurr visited PADI Americas in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA to update the PADI Executive Team on some of the latest innovations in the VR line. After the meetings, he and Sentinel divers Rikki Battistini and Karl Shreeves (PADI Technical Development Exec) gave interested staffers runs on the VR Technologies Sentinel in the PADI pool.

Kevin Gurr, Kelly Rockwood, Karl Shreeves and Rikki Battistini exchange humor at John Land’s expense while he prebreathes the Sentinel.


Karl Shreeves helps Kelly Rockwood kit up, with John Land ready to go and Kevin Gurr watching to make sure Karl doesn’t muck it up!

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  1. this is awesome! i cant wait til we get the new CCR Programs next year! already prep my self by taking CCR diver levels with different units and try to dive with one anytime i get an opp to. dont want to buy one right now, want to wait and see where this is going. but you (padi) seem pretty buddy buddy with the Sentinel boys and girls, great CCR as far as i know! Did a great wreck dive outside jaffa, tel aviv today, us navy ship. SeaWolf. pretty shallow at 32 meter with 15 m vis and lots of cool penetrations! going to dahab egypt december and january to teach DSAT Tech Courses both student and instructor level. by the way i started to write the dist for intro cave and full cave but take time that i dont have right now. is there anyone that got the outline approved that could let me use it to teach. take care all padi tech members! dive relatively safe 🙂

    jonas samuelsson
    tec rec instructor trainer

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