TecRec Gas Blender and EANx for Finnish Coast Guard Divers

The Finnish Coast Guard are continuously developing their ability to act in various underwater missions. One initiative this summer was to train all their divers to Gas Blenders and EANx divers as well as other useful techniques.

In three weeks time nearly 40 Finnish Coast Guard divers attended a training camp where they got training on TecRec Gas Blender and PADI EANx Diver courses. The training was done with co-operation from PADI Nordic and the trainer was Immi Wallin, PADI’s Technical Diving Consultant.

The Finnish Coast Guard has purchased their first membrane gas blending system. The aim is to have the mixed gas filling stations and competent staff to mix the gases and dive with various gases at coast guard stations and vessels along the Finnish coastline which is 46,200 km long including the tens of thousands of islands.

Other topics during the training camp were underwater crime scene investigation and development of techniques and equipment to rescue victims from capsized vessels.

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