Wes Skiles

Wes Skiles, an extremely popular and well known underwater explorer and photographer has sadly been lost to the diving world. According to reports, Wes died while filming underwater during a dive off Florida on 21st July.

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  1. I know yesturday about what happened to Wes. I am very sad because I like him. We meet there In the NSS workshop and had talked of him coming to Brazil for a project to make photos of the caves here in Brazil.

    Just yesterday I was talking with friends about Wes in project.

    Please forward my condolences the whole family and friends.

  2. Many people are familiar with the grim reaper cave safety signs found throughout north Florida and in Mexico, as well as the A Deceptively Easy Way to Die cave safety video. As a PADI Instructor as well as an avid cave diver, many people are not aware that Wes was closely involved with both projects. Through his involvement, possibly thousands of lives have been saved. We’ll never know.

    What we do know is that the world was a better place with Wes in it.

  3. Wes’ magic went across all political boundaries and rode across every hemisphere on earth. In particular, he was greatly admired down here in Australia for his work on documentaries and as an outstanding cave diver with few equals. I remember when I first met him as the cinema photographer for Andrew Wights first documentary series – “Deep Probe”which I was honored to be involved with. Now Andrew is producing films for James Cameron and I am sure will acknowledge that Wes had a massive impact on his early career in documentary making – amazing how Wes touched and influenced so many other peoples lives as well – there are numerous examples.

    The entire PADI global family mourns the lost of a great individual and friend

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