Improving Your Appearance…

If you take part in internet discussions like this blog, your name often appears next to an icon, here called a “gravatar”. By default this will usually have a standard image of a blank head next to it.

If you want, you can easily personalise your gravatar, associating it with your website and email details and choosing your own image. This could be a photo of you, your company logo, or anything else you like. (A roughly square image works best). If you are on the web to try and promote your business, this is worthwhile, as your gravatar (avatar) will work on many sites.

It’s easy and quick to do, just visit Don’t be a blank head.

2 Replies to “Improving Your Appearance…”

  1. Actually, the icon is called an “avatar” (yes, like the movie).

    A “gravatar” is something being marketed by that company you’re plugging.

  2. Thanks KB.

    Yes, you are correct, gravatar is a concat-abbrieviation of Globally Recognised Avatar. The generic term for the picture that appears next to a forum or blog posting is just ‘avatar’ – as in the film.

    One is kind of a tradename, the other comes from the Hindu for ‘manifestation’.

    And, no we are not trying to push any particular company, just to help people take advantage of a free opportunity.


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