New Caves Discovered in Pangasinan

On July 3 PADI TecRec Cave Instructor Tom Morato & Cave Diver Karl Hurwood discovered 3 new dissolution caves in Pangasinan, approximately 4 hours north of Manila. The area of Pangasinan was the last place of occupation from the Japanese and it is believed that the Japanese hid gold and valuable artifacts inside the caves.  Based on this, it is very hard for the locals to comprehend that our purpose was simply to go explore the site for leads for future exploration.  

The first Cave

Once inside the cave we were both happy with the decision to use sidemount, especially within 4 meters inside the cave where there is a restriction that you really have to make great effort to fit in. After we both made it through, we were able to put 2 primary lines inside, roughly about 260M inside. Though crystal clear visibility, the stone is white & very soft creating a lot of percolation. Maximum depth 15M

The second Cave

This cave was bigger in length / width / height, lot’s of boulders on the ground and stone was not as soft and loose as the previous cave, this made deployment of guideline easier. The Stone is dark in color which absorbed our lights. After deploying two primary reels, we decided to turn around and take the reels with us in case we found another cave. We never reached the end of the cave Maximum depth  12m.

The third cave

No restriction for sidemount, but the ceiling is quite low.  Out of 4 leads, 3 were good.  Logistics in the area are easy, since all caves are accessible by car. Because of the proximity of the caves we believe that the caves are connected.  We will be back at the end of the month with more equipment, and put permanent lines in the caves as well as getting the GPS coordinates, so cave divers can enjoy the caves in Pangasinan and push them a little further in.

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