Honoring Vietnam War Veterans Underwater

Recently in Rio de Janeiro waters, a group of Technical Divers called Deep Quest Team planned a secret operation: the objective – Honor the Past.

USS Davidson rests on the bottom of Rio de Janeiro coast and it is one of the best dive sites for technical diving in Brazil. Cold waters, depths of 170ft and limited visibility are challenges for many divers, including the Deep Quest Team.

Born in 2000, this group of divers helped the development and it increased safety during diving operations in Brazil. More than 30 divers were trained by DQT instructors under the supervision of Roberto da Luz, Stavros Silva, Rafael Zibelli and Milton Marinho Jr., all certified as Tec DSAT Instructors, with collaboration of Luiz Basilio (Boat Captain), Edu Davidovich and Roberto Faria (Supervisors), Fabio Conti (Research), Ricardo Azoury (photo), Ayrton Frugoni, Paulo Cid (support divers) and Edu Kossatz (video).

Let’s go back to the operation…

After 3 years of diving (the wreck was discovered in 2006), DQT started making contact with the USS Davidson group of veterans, to learn more about the ship’s history before being bought by the Brazilian Navy. After the purchase, she became CT28-Paraíba and she was decommissioned in 1998, sold as wreckage. She sunk during her final tow, her last act.

Sharing experiences, sending diving photos and videos, veterans asking about paying tribute. The veterans also want to send some goods to be placed on the ship as final chapter of brave seamen and their ship.

And the DQT did!

Since November 7th 2009 a link has been established between DQT and the USS Davidson Crewmembers.

For information about the wreck, the DQT and USS Davidson Crew, please see this video: 

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  1. I was on the first crew of the USS Davidson. Thanks to the DQT group for the work and thought put into preserving the history of “my ship”. Bruce. A member of the sonar gang.

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