TecRec Trimix in Athens, Greece; April 2010

Report by Petteri Nyström, PADI CD 73995, Tec Trimix IT

We enjoyed an excellent Tec Trimix week with Mr. Spyros Kollas and the PADI Sea Breaze Technical Diving facility.

The service was excellent from the pick-up at arrival at the airport until the end of the week.

Our dives where with very different profiles and we needed also double twins and numerous stage/deco tanks, which were always swiftly arranged. As we wanted different trimix blend with differing stage gas mixes for different dives, all that was delivered. When we left to our hotel in the evening for a rest, Spyros Kollas stayed for gas blending and as we returned early next morning he was already for last minute gas mix checkups. Very dedicated work all-in-all.

To our dive plans we got  along organized transfers to as well as shore dives, as to boatdives, with diveboat also provided, WITH the crew that were also Technical Trimix Divers and surface support provided from the water via boat to the shore, very professionally organized to the detail.

 Our dives were  very different profiles down to 90 msw depth, so we were pleased having to only focus on ourselves in the dives as Sea Breaze and Spyros Kollas took care “of rest” which lied on their shoulders.

Our demanding dives couldn’t have had a better support than that we received from this technical dive center Sea Breaze and Mr. Spyros Kollas.

This was my first technical dive trip to Hellas / Greece and surely will not be the last, ekharisto para poli. We will be back!

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  1. Would love to come over there and do some trimix diving. sounds like a lot of fun! please add a website where i can get hold of anyone tekkies over there please. take care and dive deep but safe :-). jonas samuelsson padi course director/tech instructor trainer bans technical diving (a division of bans 5-star padi career development center, koh tao, thailand

  2. I would like to thanks to the all three guys Petteri, Max and Peppe from Finland. The good job of CD Petteri Nystrom was obvious and they helped a lot with their high level.

    Thank you guys for once again for your cooperation!!!

    From Greece…
    Spyros Kollas
    DSAT Tec Deep – Tec Trimix –
    PADI/DSAT Advanced Wreck Sidemount instructor.

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