Diving With Legends Features Tec Divers, Imagers, Scientists and Other Noted Underwater Explorers

Just off the press, Dr, Peter Millar’s Diving With Legends features some of the adventures, exploits and perspectives of some of diving’s top underwater figures from the last 50 year, in their own words. From the tec diving realm feature names include Leigh Biship, John Chatterton, Dan Crowell, Jarrod Jablonski, Richie Kohler, Karl Shreeves, Carl Spencer and David Trotter. Other famous names include Stan Waterman, Howard Hall, Graham Hawkes, Ralph Wilbanks, Jacques Piccard, George Bass, Zale Perry, Joe MacInnis, Martha Watkins Gilkes and more.

Diving With Legends was published with the support of DOXA watches, which are known for their distinctive orange face and made famous by Clive Cussler as the timepiece of his fictitious hero Dirk Pitt. The book debuted at Our World Underwater, with many of the contributors on hand to celebrate. The 340 page book is available for preview and order at divingwithlegends.com. For more about the watches, visit doxawatches.com.

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