Tec 45 Course

Report by Alex Boulton, TDD Technical Consultant, PADI Asia Pacific 

Just completed the Tec 45 Course with PADI Examiner Thomas Knedlik.  Have to say this course really begins to focus the diver on those key skills needed for planned decompression diving and lays good foundations for the accelerated deco to come in Tec 50. Some skills that made for good discussion were:

– the no mask long hose swim that really underlined that either torch communication or the Rimbach system is vital in the event of multiple lost masks

– the deployment of an SMB and resultant reel jam made it clear that an easily reachable cutting tool can at least save half of your equipment and that a back up reel & SMB provided by team diving changes problems into solutions

– the padded decompression calculations challenge the diver to find the right cylinder size for the mission when the run time is calculated on back gas. In our case we went for an 18 minute bottom time in 45 meters while breathing air. This meant either an 80 cubic foot of 50% or a richer deco mix in a smaller tank. All these choices are the meat and potatoes of selecting the right equipment & gasses for the job at hand.

It was all worth the effort as the wreck of the Annie Miller looked fantastic and the deco wasn’t half bad in crystal clear blue water.

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